"Surely, I Must Matter in the World!"

A quick bit of recommendation for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

I always tape Letterman, but I've started taping Ferguson as well, mostly due to his monologue. Unlike other hosts, who tell a collection of one-liners, Ferguson actually does a monologue -- every night, it's a ten minute or so stand-up style delivery which sounds as if he's making it up on the spot. I'm sure he's prepared, but I don't see him glancing at cue cards.

Because it isn't "set-up, punchline, set-up, punchline" -- there are actual surprises. I genuinely laugh during his performance. Yes, he's a little goofy, and sometimes "naughty" (in the sense of "I'm going to be 'naughty' now") in a showy sort of way.

What leads me to this post is what he said in last night's (Wednesday, July 12) monologue. In mentioning people on the Internet, he pantomimed someone typing maniacally, making blubbering sounds, and then saying as he 'typed' "Surely, I must matter in the world! Surely, I must matter!"

I wished I'd heard that before I titled my blog.


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