Originally, I Was Going To Name This Blog "How Does Mine Smell?"

Supposedly, there are 47 million blogs in existence, and 70 new ones created every minute. This reminds me of the old phrase that opinions are like armpits (in some versions, a different anatomic region) -- everybody's got 'em, some just smell worse than others.

However, the title best combines a fact or two about me -- where I am in my life, and one of my little passions, cartooning. Besides, I really don't want to know how mine smells, thank you very much.

So, anyway, in case anybody ever looks, here's the 47,000,001st blog to come into being. I insist on doing my part to keep the Internet busy.

From time to time, as I get a webiste created to feature my graphics work, I'll post here more regularly. Perhaps this blog can serve as a running reminder to me of what I should spend my time doing. However, it'll probably just devolve into meandering rants about tv shows and politics gone wrong -- which is much like many other blogs I've seen.



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